The Transit Task Force developed the report for the Hawaii

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canada goose parka HONOLULU A new report released this month by a group of architects and planners points to PLAN B a way to save money, view planes and to complete the project five years sooner.It’s renewing a call to bring the train down to street level instead of above ground.It’s a position Honolulu’s mayor doesn favor.Not only because he says it would slow the train down Canada Goose Sale, but because of safety concerns about collisions with pedestrians and cars.”The only reason that people are going to get out of their cars in the condition that they face today, is they are guaranteed to get in quickly above grade out of traffic, because when you are in traffic congestion and there is an accident Canada Goose Sale, the train stops too,” said Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell.The Transit Task Force developed the report for the Hawaii chapter of American Institute of Architects.But when the AIA opted not to adopt the position formally <a href="", the group decided to release the report anyway.It believes the city could save up to $4 billion with its plan to salvage the project.It does acknowledge that the trains would have to be modified to add drivers and to give the cars a lower profile.HART believes the group is overstating the savings.Salvage the Rail is preparing to launch its website and run ads as lawmakers begin to open the legislative session the day after tomorrow.The group hopes it can sway legislators to consider its plan B over rushing to extend the excise tax to pay for a very expensive plan A.Lawmakers trying to defuse illegal fireworks marketLawmakers trying to defuse illegal fireworks marketSome lawmakers and community members are demanding action on illegal fireworks.H 3 waterfalls North Shore floodingH 3 waterfalls North Shore floodingThe rain brought waterfalls seen from the H 3 Freeway and flooded roads on Oahu’s North Shore.Power outage in Hawaii Kai; leaning pole in KalaeloaPower outage in Hawaii Kai; leaning pole in KalaeloaHawaii Kai was hit with a power outage while crews in Kalaeloa worked to fix a utility pole.Turtle Bay road woesTurtle Bay road woesSome people had to spend the night in their cars near Turtle Bay because Kamehameha Highway was shut down overnight.UPDATE: Kamehameha Hwy. Near Turtle Bay reopen, flood water has recededUPDATE: Kamehameha Hwy. Near Turtle Bay reopen, flood water has recededState not cashing in on tax revenue from vacation rentalsState not cashing in on tax revenue from vacation rentalsCrafting a bill to help the state cash in on vacation rentals and protect neighborhoods is easier said than done canada goose parka.