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Sunday, the employee said. Its next shipment “could be as late as the end of the week,” she said.A few gasstation workers said they still had some fuel left, but they anticipated it would run out soon.Speedway, a convenience store 648 Hendersonville Road in South ; Shell at 1245 Tunnel Road in east ; and Quick Stop, a Citgo station at 1430 Merrimon Ave., north of downtown, all were facing those conditions, employees said.Shell on Tunnel Road only had premium unleaded left at $3.40 a gallon and long lines of cars waiting for it, a clerk said.The Citgo station on Merrimon was limiting customers to 10 gallons each, a worker said.”We have 300 gallons left,” said the Citgo employee, who did not know the capacity of the station’s tanks.Against the background of concerns over price gouging, that same clerk said her manager told her that “legally we’re not allowed to change the price (of gas) until a new shipment comes in. Usually we get one every Friday morning.

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