Schendel said the calls consisted of unfounded reports of a

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high quality replica handbags Benzie County Sheriff Ted Schendel said the suspect remained at large as of Thursday afternoon, about a day after the masked man used a gun in an Honor Bank hold up. He said investigators from his department and the FBI are following up on two leads.Schendel said the calls consisted of unfounded reports of a grocery store robbery in Northport,a bank robbery in Grand Traverse County Replica Designer Handbags, anda similar incident in Thomponsville.Grand Traverse County sheriff’s Lt. Received a call from a out of breath man who claimed that a suspect or suspects were robbing a bank in Chums Corner about 14 miles from the Honor Bank branch.”From my understanding, the ones in Benzie and Leelanau were similar to those,” Barsheff said.Schendel said investigators are trying to pin down where the calls originated. high quality replica handbags

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