But far more important than all this is the attitude that

Although we’re not quite at that point where, as Mayer noticed with the wives of the German ultra haute bourgeoisie, scientific beauty has produced rooms full of identical looking ageless women, we’re well on the way. But far more important than all this is the attitude that drives it; the expectation that all those early 1960s “Youthquake” rights to a sex life, a hot wardrobe and perpetual entertainment that was sold as generational could then endure practically for ever. That 70 somethings could fight for the right to party.

After a full day of firefights around City of God, a sprawling slum with a history of lethal clashes between police and suspected criminals, residents spoke of a “massacre”. Residents believe those killed were used as coverduring shoot outs with police. Four police died in the crash and another officer was killed during Saturday’s fighting..

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